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Kingdom of Regero


Regero Kingdom - Armed Assault Tribute Map!
Version 1.1 (Nov 20, 2020)

IceBreakr and his team brough some classics from the old game to new A3 standards and added new areas in.
Credits go to Bohemia Interactive for Proving Grounds, Wedge for Isla Barbuda, Alex.Sworn for Syr Darain & Aussie for Yanutha sectors. There is also a new Chatto Valley area that is still lush and non-affected by earth erosion and that horrible experiment that went wrong in area that has become known as proving grounds.

Its a 105km2 area, 10x10km with 2.5m grid and detailed 20K texture.

Background story:
Queen Zoe Nylund invited your PMC group to protect her weather station up near the Chatto river due to recent rebellion by the local population there. But it seems that is not a regular weather station or weather station at all. An incident in central ammo depot wiped out most of the fertile Regero's ground. Just as his dad, king of Regero, Leonard Nylund is approaching the San Isabel for the annual festival and parade, his helicopter is hit by the MANPAD missile. Believed on board is also to be Daniel, his son and brother to Zoe, the leader of Regero Army... chaos ensues with riots around the island as Zoe becomes the Queen of Regero... and your PMC team on her side to help her out.



Saba Island


Saba Island is a 1:1 scale real world terrain which is in the Caribbean, based on real world data.

5 Km by 5 Km map

There are over 280,000 objects on Saba, many which are hand placed.

custom ground textures and custom models.

With thanks to to David Everson for additional detailing and building placement.

Thanks to Jakerod, Ron Hill, Cring0, the amazing community and ofcourse Mikero for his tools.

Dedicated to the people of Saba and the impossible road they built, Floating chicken, Flying Hedgehog, My Dad and Richard piper.

Other addons are available in the editor. I will leave you to find them.

You will need express permission from me to monetize Saba or any of the custom assets within it





Made by Saul Sheard aka Sparklekitten. This is a map/terrain of Nii-jima, an island off the south coast of Japan just near Tokyo.







* Poland Staszow 1944 (290km2)
* Poland Baranow 1944 (64km2)
* Ukraine Panovo 1944 (25km2)
* Ukraine Ivachec 1944 (1km2)
* France Colleville 1944 (25km2)

Historical accuracy

The historical accuracy was an important aspect during the development to make a realistic terrain and environment.
For this the developers used real world war two maps, and reconstructed buildings from old photos.
Many unique buildings and places are to be found, like the Baranow castle, the Staszow marketplace and Church, and many more.



Country: Poland
Date: Summer of 1944
Size: 290 km2
Terrain: Woodland


Staszow (or sometimes "Staszów") is a Polish town, in the south - southeast side of Poland.
Nowadays its population is about 15.000, and it also has two rivers: the Desta and the Czarna Staszowska.

In the game

Staszow not only contains the town itself, but also the surrounding areas. It is the largest terrain in Iron Front, and also the most complex one. Hundreds of roads, couples of villages, and it has also have some airfields. There is no river, but some small lake can be found.






Country: Poland
Date: Summer of 1944
Size: 64 km2
Terrain: Woodland


Baranow is a small Polish town, in the south - southeast side of Poland.
It is also very close to Staszow. In the border of Baranow lie the Vistula River.

In the game

Baranow is the second largest terrain of Iron Front. The Vistula River cuts it in the half, and due to this Germans built two pontoon bridge.
One for the west and one for the east side. Baranow castle also placed near to the river, and a few towns also can be found here too.






Country: Ukraine
Date: Summer of 1944
Size: 25 km2
Terrain: Woodland


Panovo is placed somewhere in western Ukraine.

In the game

This terrain is basically a training ground. Large enough for any size of simulation, but also very detailed.
There are a few airfields, some ruins, a driving training ground, and many military installations.






Country: Ukraine
Date: Summer of 1944
Size: 1 km2
Terrain: Woodland


Ivachev is a very small village, in the western part of Ukraine.

In the game

It is the smallest one - just one square kilometer big, but very detailed. Perfect for testing and training.












Anizay v0.08

Size: 10km x 10km
Cell size: 5
410k objects

Fictional desert terrain.

Need Cup terrain core





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