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EDN Fortification 0.7.0

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This mods includes some interfaces to build ingame (for example sandbag fences, camonets, etc.), some materials and some modules to configure your mission.
There is the fortification menu which can be opened by pressing ctrl+b (by default).
There is also the construction menu which will be opened by the fortifictaion menu.
Also there are 3 modules: One for allowing curator (Zeus) to edit construced Objects, one to add new blueprint and one to clear all blueprint from the construction menu.


Change log:


- added clear blueprints module for editor

- added game master module for editor which allows to edit constructed objects via Zeus

- fixed object does not changing high anymore while looking around

- fixed you can not build from other units inventory anymore

- fixed crates will now be constructed without content


v0.6 complete redesign!

- changed the blueprint list (sorry to the missionmakers)

- changed object carrying

- added no collissions while carring an object (still in progress)

- added new UI

- added blueprint module for editor

- added align to ground option

- added ability to build from chests/vehicles inventory

- added categories for blueprints

- removed need of toolkit

- removed option to use a crate for building



- added option to change the requirement of using an toolkit

- added option to use an crate for building



- Bugfixes



- added support for custom objects

- added ressource requirement



- added support for select high when placing



- added Construction GUI

- added modify GUI

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