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2 Modvorschläge fürs Bündnis Pack:

Metis Markers


Aegis ( ca 1,7 Gb groß und fügt einen Haufen Reskins für Vanilla und ein paar neue Fahrzeuge und co ein, Passt wunderbar in unser "Bündnis" Setting)



• Argana, BAF, ION, & Russia factions introducing their own selection of weapons, gear, vehicles, and decorative objects.
• AA-40, an automatic shotgun favored by PMCs.
• AK-12 / AK-12 GL / AKU-12, a 5.45 mm rifle used by Russian forces - the original 7.62 mm variant has been renamed 'AK-15'.
• BK-153, a compact Russian semi-automatic shotgun.
• Bulldog, pump-action shotgun with dual-feed functionality.
• C-1911, a precursor to the ACP-C2.
• G17, a widespread polymer handgun favored by many.
• L85A3 / L85A3 GL / L22A3, standard issue for British forces, chambered for 6.5x39 mm caseless.
• M32, a rotary grenade launcher.
• M4 SSAS, a lightweight semi-automatic shotgun produced in Italy.
• Mk17, a Belgian battle rifle favored by special forces.
• Mk26, developed in Israel, chambered for 12.7x33 mm ammunition.
• MP7, a compact SMG developed in Germany.
• Punisher, a smart grenade launcher co-developed by the US and Germany.
• AH-1 Navajo, an attack helicopter licensed from the US and produced in Italy.
• AMV-7 Medical, CH-49 Mohawk (Medical), UGV (Medical), & UH-80 Ghost Hawk (Medical) - medical variants of existing vehicles.
• C-192 Samson / Iran-150, cargo / transport planes widely exported across the globe.
• F-38C Peregrine, a 5th generation stealth fighter mass produced throughout the world.
• Small Boat, useful for fishing or relaxing in shallow waters.
• ACO AK, a 1x magnification collimator optic developed for AK pattern weapons.
• ACOG, a 4x magnification scope originating from the US.
• Flash Suppressors for hiding muzzle flashes.
• TWS Sniper, a thermal-vision optic optimized for long range weapons.
• RGO Grenade, an Eastern impact grenade - vanilla grenades have been renamed to Frag / Mini Grenades.
• RGD Grenade, an unreliable and outdated impact grenade still widely used throughout the world.
• New liveries for a variety of weapons, vehicles, and equipment items.
• New gear, including 150+ headgear, vests, uniforms, facewear, and backpacks.
• New props to decorate your scenes!
• New markers to draw on your maps.
• New pylon armaments including AGM-154C JSOWs, Vikhr AT / AA missiles, et cetera.
• Authenticity and balancing tweaks to several magazines and vehicles' weapons to make them more authentic to their real life counterparts (and its compatible with other mods).
• Numerous quality-of-life fixes; luminous flares, UGL smoke grenades are less bouncy, 3DEN doesn't automatically open categories, some items renamed / hidden to avoid meaningless clutter, consistency fixes, texture improvements, et cetera.
• Improved particle effects, with illuminating flares and shockwaves. (Thanks Taro!)
• CBA Joint Rails compatibility.
• Task Force Arrowhead Radio compatibility.

(evtl. noch Itc Landsystems :D (13mb)

bearbeitet von Justin
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